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Awe is a tool used at Alberon to handling the compilation of assets. It makes it easy to compile CoffeeScript & Sass files, autoprefix CSS files and combine source files together, with full source map support for easier debugging.

Note: It is no longer recommended as Gulp is much more flexible and more widely supported.

While it is not designed to be used by third parties, it is open source and you're welcome to use it if you want to!



  • Compile CoffeeScript (.coffee) files to JavaScript
  • Compile Sass/Compass (.scss) files to CSS
  • Autoprefix CSS rules for easier cross-browser compatibility
  • Combine multiple JavaScript/CSS source files into a single file
  • Rewrite relative URLs in CSS files that are combined (e.g. packages installed with Bower)
  • Generate source maps to aid debugging
  • Watch for changes to source files and rebuild automatically


Coming soon!