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Albert Chang's Portfolio Website

An elegant, responsive, and user-friendly portfolio website.

It is a culmination of nearly everything I have learned over the past 2 years of web and front end development!

Check it out below!

Toughest but most fun parts

There were many steps in building this, so I will just discuss the three most difficult ones.

I designed the homepage artwork SVG in Adobe Illustrator. Then I used CSS animations to create the 'CODE' and music notes visuals. I also learned a new way to keep an object in place as it rotates, so once I applied that to the head, I synchronized the head bob with the other animations.

Next, I made CSS hover transitions on the skill boxes follow the direction of their page placement (corner-wise and edge-wise). Try them out when you get to the Skills section!

Lastly, I edited border radii of the objects on the About section, divided the Portfolio section into two rows, and assigned both of them CSS animations. I then utilized jQuery and ES6 JavaScript to watch scroll events, which trigger the animations when the user scrolls the respective objects into view.

Technologies Used

FRONT END: Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Sass/Scss

BACK END: ES6 JavaScript, jQuery, PHP


Made with love by Albert Chang, 2018.

Connect with me! LinkedIn


A showcase of my latest work, design styles, and personality!




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