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Ticketfaster Demo


Ticketfaster was developed for anyone who wants an smooth and efficient way to find events that THEY want in THEIR cities.


Ticketfaster is a search tool that retrieves the best events, specified by genre and city, and allows users to save them to their favorites and easily access ticket purchase pages.

Two (2) easy selections yield up to 20 awesome events each time. One cannot get an event ticket faster than this!


Ticketfaster solves the issue of browsing ticket sites for genres but finding irrelevant events, as well as having to scroll through ads and distracting site features.


Ticketfaster easily narrows down the search results, has no distracting features, and streamlines the event-finding process through 2 selections.

Developer Quote

'Ticketfaster was crafted with the event-goer in mind. We saw flaws with many ticket search tools, so we set out to make one that looks great and works even better. We hope you enjoy using Ticketfaster!'

How to Get Started

Getting started with Ticketfaster is as easy as:

  1. Cloning this repository to your local device
  2. Navigating to the folder in your terminal
  3. Running npm run react-dev and npm run start in separate terminal tabs
  4. Going to localhost:1128 in your favorite browser!

Customer Quote

'I have always had issues trying to find events that I would like to attend -- either the search results were unrelated or packed with annoying ads. But Ticketfaster eliminates all of that and brings me the best events in the most active cities. I really recommend Ticketfaster for all ticket searching needs!'

Closing and Call to Action

Excited about Ticketfaster? We sure are! Please feel free to follow the steps in How to Get Started to start searching for tickets faster with Ticketfaster.