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SPASM-ng v0.5-beta.3 - Beta Release

This is the third preview release of SPASM-ng. This is a beta release, so hopefully not too many things will break! (But it's still possible, so keep on a lookout for problems!)

This release includes important fixes to eZ80 support to support the TI-84+CE. As always, please consult the readme for information on the new eZ80 features.

This release also comes with a major fix to TI-83 support. Originally, the assembler grouped the 83p output format with other early calculators, which resulted in an invalid file. @jamrootz has graciously contributed a fix and spasm-ng now properly generates the correct file format - thank you!

This release also includes important fixes to the assembler regarding undefined behavior, edge cases, and crashes. There are bits of refactoring and general improvements for this release.

This is the third beta release, meaning that all features have been frozen. Unless there's an immediate need for a new feature, only bug fixes will occur between beta releases. (Occasionally, we may add small features to the codebase whenever necessary.) Please grab this release and run SPASM-ng yourself! (Stress-testing is encouraged!)

Happy assembling!


For a full changelog, including code-specific changes that aren't described here, go here.


  • Windows (exe):
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
    • (NEW!) 32-bit Debug
    • (NEW!) 64-bit Debug
    • Regular release builds are static MSVC, debug builds are static MinGW.
    • If in doubt, you should use the regular release builds (e.g. non-debug). If spasm-ng is crashing, and we ask for it, then you should use the debug build.
    • There is also a debug "noisy" build located at the bottom of this release, which has debug printing enabled. Again, only use if prompted to!
  • Debian/Ubuntu/Mint (or other Debian-based distro):
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
    • Both are .deb Debian package files - you will need superuser permissions to install them!
    • Note: Due to a previous version error, you may have to uninstall the current package in order to install this one, due to version changes.
  • Linux (static, tar.gz):
  • Mac OS X (dynamic, zip): Not available yet! Pester @adriweb to build this!
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
    • Each zip contain 2 binaries - one with app signing, and one without. For the binary with app signing enabled, libgmp and libcrypto are required. We offer both since the linked libgmp/libcrypto may not be available on all systems.
    • Thanks to @adriweb for providing binaries for this release!
  • Raspberry Pi (static):
    • Debian Package (.deb)
      • Note: Due to a previous version error, you may have to uninstall the current package in order to install this one, due to version changes.
    • tar.gz
    • Note that these builds requires ARM hardware floats to be enabled.
  • Source Code
    • Only download this if you know what you're doing! Build requirements and instructions can be found in our readme!
    • zip
    • tar.gz
    • If you use wget to download this release, make sure to add --content-disposition to get the proper file name! For curl users, make sure to use -O -J in combination to get the proper file name.
    • Via Git:
      • If you don't have our code yet, simply run:
        • git clone https://github.com/alberthdev/spasm-ng.git
        • git clone git@github.com:alberthdev/spasm-ng.git
          ...to get the latest source!
      • If you already have our code, simply run:
        • git pull