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RA work with Prof Guenter Hitsch and Prof Bradley Shapiro 2016-2017
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Advertising Project

This repository only contains scripts that are essential for building the RMS_Ad data. It does not contain any data or other auxiliary scripts used in data exploration.

  • build_data_script.R: master script that sources and runs key R scripts for building data


Builds aggregated Ad Intel data from raw data.

  • extract_missing.R: finds network TV ads missing from clearance and saves them in intermediary data files in missing_network
  • build_data.R: merges and aggregates raw Ad Intel data and saves the built data files in aggregated


Matches RMS brands with Ad Intel brands using a Shiny app.

  • brand_spend/brand_spend.R: creates brand_spend data that gives total Ad Intel spend for each brand, which is used in string_matching.R
  • string_matching.R: creates multiple data files with revenue sums, etc. that are used in the string matching app
  • string_matching_app/app.R: Shiny app deployed here
  • matches_files/cat_matches: bash script that concatenates the individual brand matches files created from the Shiny app into one csv file
  • process_matches.R: processes matches into condensed format for use in merge_RMS_Ad


Builds aggregated RMS data.

  • aggregate_RMS.R: aggregates price, promotion and quantity by brand for top n brands in RMS (contains brandAggregator function) and creates intermediary data files in Brand-Aggregates


  • county_zips.R: creates zipborders data, which tells us whether a zip is on a DMA border or not


Merges aggregated RMS and aggregated Ad Intel data.

  • ad_extract.R: selects the matched Ad Intel brands from Ad Intel data and creates intermediary data files in aggregated_extracts
  • ad_extract_save.R: binds the monthly csv files created by ad_extract.R into an rds file
  • merge_RMS_Ad.R: merges RMS and Ad Intel data by brand/week/market
  • add_competitors.R: add competitors' prices and GRP to merged data
  • run_reg.R: runs regression on brands in merged data
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