All dimension values of Linked Statistical Data
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LSD Dimensions

All dimensions and Data Structure Definitions (DSDs) of Linked Statistical Data, codes and concept schemes associated to them, and endpoints using them.

What is this?

LSD Dimensions is an aggregator of all qb:DataStructureDefinition and qb:DimensionProperty (and their associated triples) that can be currently found in the Linked Data Cloud (read: the SPARQL endpoints in Its purpose is to improve the reusability of statistical dimensions, codes and concept schemes in the Web of Data, providing an interface for users (future work: to programs) to search for resources commonly used to describe open statistical datasets. It also looks for ways of using semantic descriptions of these resources to enhance comparability of statistical datasets in Linked Data.

How does it work?

  1. Querying the API for a list of endpoints
  2. Querying these endpoints for DSDs, dimensions, codes and concept schemes
  3. Storing all in a messy MongoDB instance
  4. Displaying it using Boostrap Table

Online instance



  • Python 2.7.5
  • SPARQL Wrapper
  • pymongo
  • Bottle
  • Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Table