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QBsistent: an obvious consistency checker for RDF Data Cubes using Linked Edit Rules

QBsistent is a tool built on top of the Stardog graph database that:

  1. ingests Linked Edit Rules published on the Web as Linked Data,
  2. updates its reasoning engine with such rules, and
  3. generates reasoning-based consistency reports on user generated queries over arbitrary RDF Data Cubes.

The generated reports flag any incosistent data points with respect to the rules using the Open Annotation Data Model and PROV W3C standards.


QBsistent requires a separate install of Stardog, with a valid license. Community and developer licenses can be obtained for free at http://www.stardog.com

QBsistent also requires the Java/R Interface (JRI) to execute Linked Macro-Edits. If you plan to use Linked-Macro Edits, please follow the instructions to install JRI at http://rforge.net/JRI/ (quick howto: execute install.packages("rJava") in your R environment).

  1. Unzip Stardog anywhere ($STARDOG_HOME) and copy the license file to $STARDOG_HOME/bin/
  2. Make sure the Stardog server works: ./$STARDOG_HOME/bin/stardog-admin server start; ./$STARDOG_HOME/bin/stardog-admin server stop
  3. If you plan to use Linked Macro-Edits, and hence the Stardog-R integration extension, you need to add the following lines to the script $STARDOG_HOME/bin/stardog-admin:
    1. Make Stardog aware of where your R install lives: export R_HOME="/usr/lib/R" (Linux), or export R_HOME="/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources" (MacOS X)
    2. Make Stardog aware of where your JRI shared libraries live. This can be achieved in many ways. Recommended: in Linux, modify the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable (add export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/lib/R/site-library/rJava/jri using your valid JRI path to $STARDOG_HOME/bin/stardog-admin; in MacOS X, it's easier to symlink the library libjri.so in your Java library path (you can get your Java library path by System.out.println(System.getProperty("java.library.path"));).
  4. Install Python's SPARQLWrapper module: pip install SPARQLWrapper


A file ../config.ini (note the parent directory) contains all parameters that will be used by QBsistent at execution time:

  • Section general
    • qb_sparql_endopint: URI of the SPARQL endpoint with the RDF Data Cube to be checked
    • ler_sparql_endpoint: URI of the SPARQL endpoint with the Linked Edit Rules to be used
    • qb_query: SPARQL query with matching RDF Data Cube data to be checked (e.g. all QB observations, observations meeting certain criteria, etc.)
    • ler_query: SPARQL query with matching Linked Edit Rules to be used (e.g. rules only concerning particular dimensions, like age or sex; all rules available in the endpoint; etc.)
    • sl_query: SPARQL query to be used in SL reasoning mode. This query is used to generate PROV and OA metadata. Modify its value at your own risk.
    • report_query: SPARQL query to be used to return the consistency output to the user. The default value will CONSTRUCT a PROV/OA graph with all inconsistencies found, but less verbose alternatives (e.g. SPARQL select just the URIs of inconsistent observations) are also possible
  • Section io
    • data_path: Path to store retrieved QB/LER data temporarily
    • rule_file: File to store retrieved LER data temporariliy
    • qb_file: File to store retrieved QB data temporarily
  • Section debug
    • verbose: Be verbose
  • Section Stardog
    • home_stardog: Path where your Stardog installation lives
    • db_name: Database name to be used in Stardog



All parameters will be read from your ../config.ini


  • R >= 3.0.2
  • JRI >= 0.5-5
  • Python >= 2.7.6, with modules
    • SPARQLWrapper >= 1.5.2