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This repo contains data on some number-crunching performed on 79 snapshots of the DyLDO dataset to be processed by the ESOM tool somoclu.

The root directory contains the scripts:

  • orders indices of sparse-matrix files
  • generates a random codebook for the first somoclu map
  • runs somoclu on a set of pre-computed sparse matrices (one per DyLDO snapshot)
  • likewise, considering the first snapshot and randomly generated codebook
  • generates lists of unique graph names and predicates, and computes the sparse matrices
  • generates image files for the processed maps using matplotlib/numpy (these can be pasted using e.g. convert -delay 30 '*.png' movie.avi)

And the data files:

  • uniqGRAPHS: sorted unique graph names in all 79 snapshots (intersection)
  • uniqPREDS: sorted unique predicate URIs in all 79 snapshots (intersection)

The data directory contains the generated sparse matrices.