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Obfuscator SPA, serverless-side rendered on a modern cloud stack which scales from zero
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Running locally

  1. Install dependencies with NPM

    npm i
  2. Run mocked function endpoints

    npm run functions
  3. Run in either front-end or full-stack mode, as below:


If you want to develop the frontend with hot-reloading, dev-server is your best bet. Server-side rendering will not occur.

  1. In a second terminal instance, run webpack dev server
    npm run dev-server

Then go to localhost:3000. Changes to code will trigger component reloads.


The full stack can also be tested.

  1. In a second terminal instance, build and watch frontend and backend with webpack

    npm start
  2. In a third terminal instance, start the backend with Node

    npm run server

Then go to localhost:3000.

While the start script is running, changes to the frontend will require a browser refresh (I recommend Live Reload to do this automatically). Changes to the backend will require a server restart.


  1. Install dependencies with NPM

    npm i
  2. Build assets with webpack

    npm run build-prod
  3. Package functions

    cd deploy
  4. Deploy to AWS, passing name of deployment bucket to be created

    cd deploy
    ./ unique-deployment-bucket-name
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