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Apply surface laplacian transform to mne Epochs objects
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Surface Laplacian

This function attempts to compute the surface laplacian transform to an mne Epochs object. The algorithm follows the formulations of Perrin et al. (1989) and it consists for the most part in a nearly-literal translation of Mike X Cohen's 'Analyzing neural time series data' corresponding MATLAB code (2014).


  • Perrin, F., Pernier, J., Bertrand, O. & Echallier, J.F. (1989). Spherical splines for scalp potential and current density mapping. Electroencephalography and clinical Neurophysiology, 72, 184-187.
  • Cohen, M.X. (2014). Surface Laplacian In Analyzing neural time series data: theory and practice (pp. 275-290). London, England: The MIT Press.
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