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Probabilistic Travelling Salesman Problem with Crowdsourcing
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Probabilistic Travelling Salesman Problem with Crowdsourcing

Code companion for the paper ``Exact, Heuristic and Machine Learning Approaches to The Probabilistic Travelling Salesman Problem with Crowdsourcing'' by Alberto Santini, Ana Viana, Xenia Klimentova, João Pedro Pedroso.

The source code is in directory src and can be built using the accompanying CMakeList.txt. The instances are in directory instances.

For licensing information, refer to file LICENSE.

How to run the programme

Calling the executable with --help provides the necessary instructions:

  stochastic_tsp [options]
Available options:
  -i, --instance          PTSPC instance file
  -s, --solver            One of: enum, fwd, bck, fwdbck, bckfwd (default is e-
                            * enum: enumerates all possible offered sets
                            * fwd: forward stepwise heuristic
                            * bck: backward stepwise heuristic
                            * fwdbck: alternates one forward and one backward 
                            * bckfwd: alternates one backward and one forward 
                            * tsp: just solves the tsp over all delivery points
  -e, --exp-cost-solver   One of: exact, mc, rtlr, rt (default is exact)
                            * exact: computes the exact expected cost
                            * mc: approximates the expected cost via monte-car-
                            lo simulation
                            * rtlr: approximates the expected cost via a regre-
                            ssion tree with linear regression in its leaves
                            * rt: approximates the expected cost via a regress-
                            ion tree
  -t, --tsp-solver        One of: discorde, cplexbc (deafult is discorde)
                            * discorde: uses the concorde TSP solver via the d-
                            iscode api
                            * cplexbc: solves the TSP using a simple branch-an-
                            d-cut algorithm and the solver CPLEX
  -m, --monte-carlo-n     Number of Monte Carlo simulations (default is 20)
  -T, --ml-training-time  Number of seconds to spend to gather traning data (d-
                            efault is 60
  -r, --recompute-exact   Whether to compute the exact expected cost of the be-
                            st set found via heuristic expected cost solvers
  -d, --draw-solution     Whether to draw a picture of the solution
  -c, --create-dataset    Whether to create the dataset while solving the prob-
  -R, --randomise-sets    Whether to randomise the starting sets for fwd, bck, 
                            fwdbck and bckfwd heuristics.
  -h, --help              Displays this help screen
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