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Connect from Qlik

Date: September 2016

Author: Ramón Portolés, Alberto alt text Linkedin



It’s a new player in the BI tools world, with a high growth since 2013

On-line demos

Nowadays has connectors for Hadoop Databases: Hive and Impala

But it doesn’t have Kylin a connector


Used Software:



A. An instance of Kylin with a cube: Quick Start with Sample Cube will be enough

Can be checked it by looking the name of the cube:

B. Download, Install and configure Kylin ODBC Driver

  1. Install Kylin ODBC
  2. Add DNS System in Windows

3. Configure: User-name /Password: ADMIN / KYLIN

4. Click Connect and Choose the project

   Click on “Done”    

Install Qlik:

Requires: (System Requeriments)

  • Windows 7 SP1 (64 bit) or 8.1 (64 bits)

    Be careful with 64 bits and SP1, its mandatory

    Has been tested it on Windows 2012 and didn’t work

  • Framework .Net 4.5.2

  • 1.5 GB of free Disk Space

Note: The Language of Qlik Desktop is the same as your S.O. (cann't be changed)

My apologies for some pictures in Spanish language ;)


Launch the process as Admin:


Issue 1: The Burn engine cannot run with an MBA under the .NET 4 (The Qlik Forum and msg txt wrongly suggests that the problem is about .NET)

In the log you will see:

: Error 0x81f403e8: The Burn engine cannot run with an MBA under the .NET 4 CLR on Windows 7 RTM with .NET 4.5.2 (or greater) installed.
[0070:0A8C][2016-09-09T22:34:33]i000: Loading prerequisite bootstrapper application because managed host could not be loaded, error: 0x81f403e8.
[0070:0BC0][2016-09-09T22:34:33]i000: Setting numeric variable 'WixStdBALanguageId' to value 3082

Solution: Qlik requires SP1 of Windows 7 to install ( this info Isn’t in the Official System Requeriments)

Download & Install SP1 64 bits  

Issue2: Microsoft .Net framework is required for Qlik Sense desktop setup

And you don’t have a button “Accept and install”

I tried Qlik Community 1 and Qlik Community 2 , but didn’t work

Solution: delete in windows registry all references to Qlik


Create New App

Open Qlik Desktop alt text

Create New App, With name Kylin alt text

Now, the complex part is to import your Kylin data into Qlik

The failures has been documented because they are also important


Attempt 1: To add Data (fail)

alt text> alt text > alt text> alt text

The login and password can be empty

See the Kylin’s tables:

Problem: The load never finishes (I've Waited 20 minutes)

See "Issue 1: Qlik Metadata"


Attempt 2: Add Data (fail)

alt text > alt text > alt text > alt text > alt text

The login and password can be empty

An click on: alt text

Problem: The load never finished

See "Issue 1: Qlik Metadata"


Attempt 3: Add Data (successful)

Configure our own data loader using a script needed

Some configuration parameters from the connector created in "Attempt 2: Add Data (fail)" should be changed

Activate debug mode: alt text

And test the default script with alt text , The execution is execution step by step

  List of changes:

  • Change Dates format to YYYY-MM-DD

  • Add Connection String: You can add it directly with alt text

  • Load columns & data from tables

  First, test the query using Kylin UI:

The result is: (731 rows)

(Note: use alt text to copy the name of the columns)

The result must be similar to: (See “script_data_1.txt”, on gitHub)

Test the import script:

  • Save Script: alt text

  • Out of debug mode: alt text

  • Now, “Load data” button must be enabled: alt text

The Output must be similar to: (check that the row count is the same as in the Kylin UI)

To Import other table (fact table) only need to add:

select * from KYLIN_SALES;

Data can be selected under an “alias”:

select * from KYLIN_CAL_DT;

The final load scripts are in“script_data_2.txt”, on gitHub

Used hardware: a Laptop with HBase, Kylin, Hive .. inside a Docker Container, and Qlik is inside a Virtual Box, the performance to ingest data has been good, only 2 sec for 3 Tables and 10K Rows

See all ingested tables in “data manager”: alt text > alt text

NOTE: If you try to see data of one table: Click in one, you aren’t able to see data from one table (below)

“Data tables defined in the load script are not managed in Data manager”

  Issue 1: Qlik Metadata The log of ODBC kylin are in: alt text

When use Attempt 1 and 2 are used, see some errors can be showed: SQLGetInfoW


Define Table associations

(Managing data associations)

You can see the actual table associations in:

But this association isn’t correct, see the correct ones in Kylin UI > Model designer > Data Model:

How can be changed?:

In “data manager”: alt text > alt text > alt text

In true, it can’t changed because

Data tables defined in the load script are not managed in Data manager”


Create dataSheets

There is only one way to add data from load script into a sheet: In “data manager”: alt text > alt text > alt text > Edit Sheet

You can see all Columns in: alt text , can be classified like Dim or measures with Right click

Also, define a Hierarchy in Dim:

First, add graphic elements from: alt text (Drag and drop)

Second: Add Dim and Measures (Drag and drop)

View the result from main menu:


Future Work

  • Load data using “load script” is a workaround to read data from Apache Kylin, but like the data isnt’t controlled by Data Manager you can’t use the preview of data (manual reference) (Qlik Community)
  • Same problem with “associations”, can’t be managed/changed them because this data isn’t managed by Data Manager

This problems means that if the automatic associations aren’t correct, the data results will be false


For any suggestions, feel free to contact me

Thanks, Alberto

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