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kylin and Tableau.pdf

Connect from Tableau step by step

Date: August 2016

Updated: March 2017

Author: Ramón Portolés, Alberto alt text Linkedin


Quick Start with Sample Cube can be used with Kylin Project to make an example of integration with Tableau Software



First, you need to Build Kylin Cube: Quick Start with Sample Cube and check the result cube executing:

select part_dt, sum(price) as total_selled, count(distinct seller_id) as sellers from kylin_sales group by part_dt order by part_dt


Second, Install Tableau Desktop on Windows


Used Software

If you use the twb files from my GitHub, you will be prompted to convert to a new version (and you will not able to open this file with previous versions)


Create Connection

  1. Install Kylin ODBC

  2. Add DNS System in Windows

  1. And configure: User-name /Password: ADMIN / KYLIN

  1. Click Connect and Choose the project

  1. Click on “Done”

  2. Download and install Tableu Desktop and launch it

  3. alt text > alt text > alt text

  4. alt text > alt text

  5. Complete details connections (ADMIN /KYLIN), click done, click OK:

  1. Click on alt text > alt text > alt text (In magnifying glass)

The result should be three new tables (on left panel):

NOTE: Sometimes it doesn’t work correctly, Solution: close and open Tableau :)

  1. Add these tables to Tableau: Drag and Drop to alt text
  • First “Kylin_sales” (Fact Table) and second “Kylin_Cal_DT” (Dimension table)

And Join Relation:

  • Now do the same with “Kylin_Category_Groupings”

  • The result should be:

  • Now if you click:alt text , you should see this data table:


Intro to Sheet Elements

Go to Sheet 1: alt text You should see the Dimensions in left panel

And measures:


First WorkSheet

Drag and Drop “Cal_Dt” and “Price” like in picture:

To expand to Quarter and Months: Click on “Plus” of year: alt text

To add sub-totals by category: Drag and Drop “Meta Categ Name” to “Color”

The result should be similar to:


Second Worksheet

Create a new Worksheet alt text

Drag and Drop, and configure if as follows:

Then the relations between “Meta Categ Name”, "L2" and "L3" can be seen:

Delete 3 the three fields in “Rows” and generate a hierarchy using Dimensions Menu (on the Left) Drag and Drop “Lvl2” over “Meta Categ Name” and after D & Drop “Lvl3”, the new result should be:

Drag and Drop the New hierarchy on “Rows” and expands it:

Change the diagram type to table: alt text

Drag and Drop “Price” to Rows, and watch the total price on th right hand side of table:

Now you can change the graph type:alt text


Create a Dashboard

Create a New Dashboard alt text

Drag and Drop WorkSheet_1 and WorkSheet_2 to the new dashboard

Add filter to dashboard

1º Add Filter to Worksheet_1 : alt text

2º Configure the filter using “All Using this Data Source” alt text

3º Then check the Worksheet_2 and, as result a new filter has been added: alt text

4º Add the filter to the dashboard: Select a Worksheet on the Dashboard, and right- click on the upper edge alt text

Filter > “Cal Dt”


After that, a new panel will appear on the right: alt text ,This filter will affect all the Dashboard’s Worksheets

Furthermore, you can filter by date clicking on month, in the upper worksheet alt text

  Or, you can filter by category by, clicking in category: alt text


Final Result:

Tableau Files: Full.twb     OnlyConnection.twb


For any suggestions, feel free to contact me

Thanks, Alberto

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