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v0.2.0. require Morph v0.2.7
v0.1.9. changes for Ruby 1.9 from leethal; danwrong added offset option to reports to enable paging
v0.1.8. fixed reported bug due to missing 'www' in export url
v0.1.7. rugalytics server, rugrat greasemonkey script
v0.1.6. better fix for double quotes in csv causing fastercsv to fail
v0.1.5. fixes for bad quotes in csv causing fastercsv to fail
v0.1.4. now use fastercsv to parse table row data
v0.1.3. fixed bug due to change in google's graph csv date labels
v0.1.2. added profile.report_names method; handle '.' or '/' in graph column names without failing
v0.1.1. fixed bug due to change in google's graph csv
v0.1.0. fixed bug due to change in google's graph csv; removed deprecated load_report method
v0.0.9. allowed setting of :url and :page_title options for drilldown and content reports; merged masolino's changes
v0.0.8. moved i18n date parse method to Rugalytics module
v0.0.7. consolidated on US English spelling of pageviews for method names
v0.0.6. fixed report date parsing bug reported by masolino
v0.0.5. report names are now methods that can be called on profile, load_report is deprecated
v0.0.4. fix for HTML and URL changes at Google Analytics site
v0.0.3. get some rails integration going on, with config/rugalytics.yml
v0.0.2. only use graph points that fall within given report dates
v0.0.1. initial release
v0.0.0. forked from Statwhore
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