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chemistry - A minimalistic responsive Pelican theme

Chemistry is theme for the Pelican static website generator which aims at being minimalistic, but also easily tunable and extensible.

Theme-specific settings

The theme provides the following additional settings:

Name Value
TAGLINE A text to display below the site title.
LICENSE_NAME License to display in the page footer (e.g. LICENSE_NAME = 'CC BY-SA 4.0')
LICENSE_URL License URL. Should be set if the LICENSE_NAME is set.
FAVICON_URL URL for the favicon (e.g. FAVICON_URL = '/favicon.png'). This is not prepended with SITEURL.
CUSTOM_CSS URL for an additional CSS file (e.g. CUSTOM_CSS = 'custom.css'). This is prepended with SITEURL.
PAGES_ON_MENU If set to True, include links to pages in menu. Pages can be sorted in the desired order by setting the index metadata in the page to an integer value.
INDEXES_ON_MENU If set to True, include a dropdown in menu with links to index pages (categories, tags, archives, feeds).
SEARCH_URL The relative URL of the search page (search.html by default). Used if the tipue_search plugin is enabled (see below).
SHOW_ARTICLE_AUTHOR Whether to show articles author(s) on the index page.
LOCAL_RESOURCES If set to True, local resources are used instead of CDN ones for CSS (for development).
GOOGLE_ANALYTICS The Google Analytics id for the site.
DISQUS_SITENAME The Disqus site name to enable embedded comments embedding in posts.
MASTODON_LINK Mastodon link, for verification.

Supported plugins

The theme supports some plugins from pelican-plugins.


The theme supports styling header links from the headerid plugin. Anchors for permalinks to paragraphs are shown on hover on titles.


If the tipue_search plugin is enabled, a search box is shown in pages and search is available.

Note that you need to add 'search' to DIRECT_TEMPLATES for the search results page to work.

Rebuild CSS

Rebuilding CSS requires less and less-plugin-clean-css, which are available on npm. These can be installed with:

make deps

The theme CSS is located in static/css/style.less. If you make any changes, you can rebuild the minified theme file with:

make css

Syntax highlight is done through Pygments. The default theme can be changed regenerating the pygments CSS file with:

make pygments PYGMENTS_STYLE=<style-name>