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A Haskell library for numerical computation

A purely functional interface to linear algebra and other numerical algorithms, internally implemented using LAPACK, BLAS, and GSL.

This package includes standard matrix decompositions (eigensystems, singular values, Cholesky, QR, etc.), linear systems, numeric integration, root finding, etc.

Contributions, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome!

Related Projects

  • hmatrix-static, by Reiner Pope. A thin, lightweight wrapper over hmatrix to support static checking of matrix and vector sizes (for instance, addition of different-sized vectors will be disallowed at compile-time).

  • hmatrix-gsl-stats, hstatistics, and hsignal by Vivian McPhail.

  • repa, regular, multi-dimensional, shape polymorphic parallel arrays.

  • hTensor, multidimensional arrays and simple tensor computations.

  • BLAS and LAPACK Haskell bindings by Patrick Perry.

  • GSL Haskell bindings by Mauricio C. Antunes.

  • The alternative numeric prelude by Dylan Thurston, Henning Thielemann, and Mikael Johansson.

  • Math packages in Hackage.

  • easyVision: image processing and computer vision.

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