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2017-08-01 <>
* Add more MKL files to numpy_core hook, bump version to
2017-01-04 <>
* Updates from upstream version, adds compatibility with Python
3.5 and 3.6.
Version number
2014-10-21 <>
* Released py2exe
2014-10-17 <>
* py2exe/ Add hook for the six compatibility
library. py2exe does now understand the renaming of
modules/packages the does.
2014-10-17 <>
* py2exe/ Add hooks for pycparser, OpenSSL, cffi. cffi
needs some hacks so that it works from within zipfiles.
2014-10-17 <>
* py2exe/ Remove hook_pyside.
2014-10-16 <>
* (ZipExtensionImporter.load_module): Only catch
ImportError not Exception.
2014-10-16 <>
* py2exe/ Fix bug in error handling code.
cmdline_style = "pywin32" should now work for services.
2014-09-24 <>
* py2exe/ Add Scanner.add_bootcode(code) method. The
runtime compiles the code and adds it to the bootstrap code
sequences. This enables the hooks to do more fancy stuff.
2014-09-24 <>
* Fix the 'ValueError: __loader__ is None' exception when a PEP
420 implicit namespace package is encountered.
* Fixed: When running in a virtual environment, py2exe did
not copy the tcl/tk files when 'import tkinter' is detected.
* Ignore 'numpy.core._dotblas' when numpy.core is imported.
2014-09-18 <>
* py2exe/ (ModuleFinder.import_package): enumerate and
import modules from all subpackages.
2014-09-11 <>
* py2exe/ Print a meaningful error message when the
build fails because bundle_files is too low for certain packages.
2014-05-26 <>
* py2exe/ (Runtime.bootstrap_modules): Add ctypes to the
modules needed for bootstrap; it is used by boot_common.
2014-05-12 <>
* Add missing DeactivateActCtx() call. Change version number to
2014-05-09 <>
* Releasing py2exe for Python 3, version
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