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Currently extension as a website.

I wanted to show the currently extension on an iPad I had laying around. Since chrome extensions only work on desktop chrome, I opted to turn the extension into a website that could be loaded on any device. I found a copy of the code on Github and modified it to work as a website, stripping away a lot of unneeded code.

Codemancer is currently a stateless static website, served by nginx.


Changes from Currently Extension

  • Converted into nginx/docker website
  • Removed use of LocalStorage for configs
  • Removed Notifications based on S3 data
  • Removed geolocation. It currently only works in San Francisco, but can be modified to use HTML5's Geolocation API instead.
  • Made background color change based on time of day
  • Minor code cleanup, updated javascript libraries, refactored some code.

Setup and Testing

nvm use 16
npm install
npm test
ln -s .env.development .env