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MIT Model United Nations Conference website code

This is the repository that contains most of the code for the website. This website was written in hand-rolled PHP with many AJAX requests in the Control Panel.

Unlike most other conference websites, has tight integration between conference staff, attending schools' faculty advisers, and the website content. The Control Panel features:

  1. Different modes for Secretariat/Admin, Chair, Adviser/Student, and Committee Timers (See below)
  2. Complete financial tracking of the conference's income and expenditures, including reflection of accepted school fees in the adviser's control panel.
  3. A committee timer that tracks speech and caucus times, speakers list, and committee announcements.
  4. A resolution formatter that uses LaTeX to prepare resolutions in the proper format.
  5. An integrated committee document printing system that interfaces with the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS)
  6. Ability to log into the website using certificates.
  7. Tracking of countries and special committee position assignments given to schools

A few files have unfortunately been .gitignored in order to protect information related to security or conference confidential information.