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# PyCParser - C wrapper
# by Albert Zeyer, 2011
# code under LGPL
import ctypes
import sys
if sys.version_info.major == 2:
from cparser_utils import *
from .cparser_utils import *
class CStateDictWrapper:
def __init__(self, dicts):
self._dicts = dicts
def __setitem__(self, k, v):
assert False, "read-only in C wrapped state"
def __getitem__(self, k):
found = []
for d in self._dicts:
try: found += [d[k]]
except KeyError: pass
for f in found:
# prefer items with body set.
if hasattr(f, "body") and f.body is not None: return f
if found:
# fallback, noone has body set.
return found[0]
raise KeyError(str(k) + " not found in C wrapped state " + str(self))
def __contains__(self, k):
for d in self._dicts:
if k in d: return True
return False
def get(self, k, default = None):
try: return self.__getitem__(k)
except KeyError: return default
def has_key(self, k):
return self.__contains__(k)
def __repr__(self): return "CStateDictWrapper(" + repr(self._dicts) + ")"
def __str__(self): return "CStateDictWrapper(" + str(self._dicts) + ")"
class CStateWrapper:
WrappedDicts = ("macros","typedefs","structs","unions","enums","funcs","vars","enumconsts")
LocalAttribs = ("_cwrapper")
def __init__(self, cwrapper):
self._cwrapper = cwrapper
def __getattr__(self, k):
if k in self.LocalAttribs: raise AttributeError # normally we shouldn't get here but just in case
if k == "_errors": return getattr(self._cwrapper, k) # fallthrough to CWrapper to collect all errors there
if k in self.WrappedDicts:
return CStateDictWrapper(dicts = map(lambda s: getattr(s, k), self._cwrapper.stateStructs))
# fallback to first stateStruct
if len(self._cwrapper.stateStructs) == 0:
raise AttributeError("CStateWrapper " + str(self) + " doesn't have any state structs set yet")
stateStruct = self._cwrapper.stateStructs[0]
attr = getattr(stateStruct, k)
import types
if isinstance(attr, types.MethodType):
attr = rebound_instance_method(attr, self)
return attr
def __repr__(self):
return "<CStateWrapper of " + repr(self._cwrapper) + ">"
def __str__(self): return self.__repr__()
def __setattr__(self, k, v):
self.__dict__[k] = v
def __getstate__(self):
assert False, "this is not really prepared/intended to be pickled"
def _castArg(value):
if isinstance(value, (str,unicode)):
return ctypes.cast(ctypes.c_char_p(value), ctypes.POINTER(ctypes.c_byte))
return value
class CWrapper:
def __init__(selfWrapper):
selfWrapper._cache = {}
selfWrapper.stateStructs = []
class Wrapped(object):
def __getattribute__(self, attrib):
if attrib == "_cwrapper": return selfWrapper
if attrib in ("__dict__","__class__"):
return object.__getattribute__(self, attrib)
return selfWrapper.get(attrib)
selfWrapper.wrapped = Wrapped()
selfWrapper._wrappedStateStruct = CStateWrapper(selfWrapper)
selfWrapper._errors = []
def register(self, stateStruct, clib):
stateStruct.clib = clib
def iterAllAttribs():
for attrib in stateStruct.macros:
if stateStruct.macros[attrib].args is not None: continue
yield attrib
for attrib in stateStruct.typedefs:
yield attrib
for attrib in stateStruct.enumconsts:
yield attrib
for attrib in stateStruct.funcs:
yield attrib
wrappedClass = self.wrapped.__class__
for attrib in iterAllAttribs():
if not hasattr(wrappedClass, attrib):
setattr(wrappedClass, attrib, None)
def get(self, _attrib):
cache = self._cache
if _attrib in cache: return cache[_attrib]
wrappedStateStruct = self._wrappedStateStruct
for stateStruct in self.stateStructs:
attrib = _attrib
while attrib in stateStruct.macros and stateStruct.macros[attrib].args is None:
resolvedMacro = stateStruct.macros[attrib].getSingleIdentifer(wrappedStateStruct)
if resolvedMacro is not None: attrib = str(resolvedMacro)
else: break
if attrib in stateStruct.macros and stateStruct.macros[attrib].args is None:
t = stateStruct.macros[attrib].getCValue(wrappedStateStruct)
elif attrib in stateStruct.typedefs:
t = stateStruct.typedefs[attrib].getCType(wrappedStateStruct)
elif attrib in stateStruct.enumconsts:
t = stateStruct.enumconsts[attrib].value
elif attrib in stateStruct.funcs:
t = stateStruct.funcs[attrib].getCType(wrappedStateStruct)
f = t((attrib, stateStruct.clib))
t = lambda *args: f(*map(_castArg, args))
cache[_attrib] = t
return t
raise AttributeError(_attrib + " not found in " + str(self))
def __repr__(self):
return "<" + self.__class__.__name__ + " of " + repr(self.stateStructs) + ">"
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