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79e30fb Jul 11, 2012
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# Fish shell
egrep "^export " ~/.profile | while read e
set var (echo $e | sed -E "s/^export ([A-Z_]+)=(.*)\$/\1/")
set value (echo $e | sed -E "s/^export ([A-Z_]+)=(.*)\$/\2/")
# remove surrounding quotes if existing
set value (echo $value | sed -E "s/^\"(.*)\"\$/\1/")
if test $var = "PATH"
# replace ":" by spaces. this is how PATH looks for Fish
set value (echo $value | sed -E "s/:/ /g")
# use eval because we need to expand the value
eval set -xg $var $value
# evaluate variables. we can use eval because we most likely just used "$var"
set value (eval echo $value)
#echo "set -xg '$var' '$value' (via '$e')"
set -xg $var $value