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OpenLieroX - distrib scripts & files
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ebuild/games-action/openlierox updated ebuild
mingw Forcing SDL structures alignment to 4 bytes for mingw build - it shou…
win32 updated win32 dlls
.gitignore gitignore
README README for explanation of files png of icons created updated and some cleanup better check if pbuilder is there fixed deb upload small extension small fix Updated Debian scripts - binary will be rebuilt now
nightlyCompileOlx.bat Updated SDL_mixer .dll Updated DC's email more more some initial osx sandbox for testing better osx bin test small fix for osx upload Updated coredump generator to generate more parser-friendly files fixed setversion script for OSX easy sftp for SF exclude temporary build files (*.o, *.a) new src testing files new src testing files testing ebuild ready src upload file small update re-built libSDL, added sdl.dll file to redistribute with it - you sti… renamed script to make it more clear win32 updates
win32_runbuild.bat some tries in win32 scripts (dont really work yet) osx_test_binary as base for win32_test_binary win32 updates


There are several scripts in this repository which should do all the compiling,
testing, packaging and uploading to SF automatically.

The functions of each scripts are:


This will make a release build for the specific platform.


Expects that the binary was compiled before by * It will do some simple tests.
This mostly (e.g. on OSX) means that it will try to execute the binary and quit it 


This runs both * and * if possible. Then, the main functionallity 
of this script is to generate the specific packages for the target system. (E.g. on OSX, 
it creates the DMG, on Win32, it creates all the ZIPs, this also creates the deb-files 
for Debian, etc.)
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