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PlanetWars Google AI Challenge 2010
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PlanetWars bots.xcodeproj

Planet Wars Google AI Challenge 2010

These are my bot implementations. All C++ implementations are based on my PlanetWars C++ framework.

1. simpleRanking*

My very first one. Ranked first place for the first few days. :)


Was supposed to do some kind of A* search on a subtree. But either the subtree was still too big or the heuristic sucked.

I thought about extending this to some bidirectional search (which would not be that complicated) but never came to this.


Intended to use a few separated feedforward neural nets. But actually it doesn't use any because I didn't got to it. Those functions where I intended to place them are hardcoded now. Still works somehow.


Just a fast try-out but performed really well. It puts many possible next actions in a big list, shuffles it randomly, takes those out which are valid and evaluates them. This is repeated a few times.

This was my final submission. Sadly, it sometimes times out on the server so my rank is quite bad.

My challenge online profile

Starter package source:

The entire contents of this starter package are released under the Apache license as is all code related to the Google AI Challenge. See for more details.

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