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import ctypes, _ctypes
def castArgToCtype(arg, ctyp):
if issubclass(ctyp, _ctypes._Pointer): return createPtr(arg, ctyp)
return ctyp(arg)
def createPtr(arg, ctyp):
assert isinstance(arg, (list,tuple))
assert issubclass(ctyp, _ctypes._Pointer)
o = (ctyp._type_ * (len(arg) + 1))()
for i in xrange(len(arg)):
o[i] = castArgToCtype(arg[i], ctyp._type_)
op = ctypes.pointer(o)
op = ctypes.cast(op, ctyp)
return op
a = createPtr((1,2,3), ctypes.POINTER(ctypes.c_int))
print a, a[0], a[1], a[2], a._objects
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