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/* PNG data <-> DB interface
* by Albert Zeyer, 2011
* code under LGPL
#ifndef __AZ__DBPNG_H__
#define __AZ__DBPNG_H__
#include "Png.h"
#include "Db.h"
#include "Utils.h"
#include <cstdio>
#include <string>
#include <list>
struct DbPngEntryWriter {
PngReader reader;
DbIntf* db;
std::list<DbEntryId> contentChunkEntries;
std::list<DbEntryId> contentDataEntries;
DbEntryId contentId;
DbPngEntryWriter(FILE* f, DbIntf* _db) : reader(f), db(_db) {}
Return next();
operator bool() const { return !reader.hasFinishedReading; }
struct DbPngEntryBlockList {
uint8_t blockHeight;
size_t scanlineWidth;
std::list<std::string> blocks;
DbPngEntryBlockList() : scanlineWidth(0), blockHeight(0) {}
struct DbPngEntryReader {
PngWriter writer;
DbIntf* db;
DbEntryId contentId;
std::list<DbEntryId> contentEntries;
bool haveContentEntries;
DbPngEntryBlockList blockList;
DbPngEntryReader(WriteCallbackIntf* w, DbIntf* _db, const DbEntryId& _contentId)
: writer(w), db(_db), contentId(_contentId), haveContentEntries(false) {}
Return next();
operator bool() const { return !writer.hasFinishedWriting; }
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