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/* Redis DB backend
* by Albert Zeyer, 2011
* code under LGPL
#include "Db.h"
#include "hiredis/hiredis.h"
struct DbRedisBackend : DbIntf {
std::string prefix;
std::string host;
int port;
redisContext* redis;
DbRedisBackend(const std::string& _prefix = "db.", const std::string& _host = "", int _port = 6379)
: prefix(_prefix), host(_host), port(_port), redis(NULL) {}
Return init();
Return push(/*out*/ DbEntryId& id, const DbEntry& entry);
Return get(/*out*/ DbEntry& entry, const DbEntryId& id);
Return pushToDir(const std::string& path, const DbDirEntry& dirEntry);
Return getDir(/*out*/ std::list<DbDirEntry>& dirList, const std::string& path);
Return setFileRef(/*can be empty*/ const DbEntryId& id, const std::string& path);
Return getFileRef(/*out (can be empty)*/ DbEntryId& id, const std::string& path);