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Handle FreeBSD having openssl in base.

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1 parent 376b3a5 commit f42a02673123379c3a90b5c6cdfca4aa0c47e5f1 @splbio splbio committed Dec 23, 2012
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15 Makefile
@@ -1,5 +1,16 @@
-CFLAGS:=-O2 -Wall $(shell pkg-config --cflags openssl ao)
-LDFLAGS:=-lm -lpthread $(shell pkg-config --libs openssl ao)
+MY_CFLAGS= $(shell pkg-config --cflags ao)
+MY_LDFLAGS= $(shell pkg-config --libs ao)
+ifeq ($(shell uname),FreeBSD)
+MY_LDFLAGS+= -lssl
+MY_CFLAGS+= $(shell pkg-config --cflags openssl)
+MY_LDFLAGS+= $(shell pkg-config --libs openssl)
+LDFLAGS:=-lm -lpthread $(MY_LDFLAGS)
OBJS=socketlib.o shairport.o alac.o hairtunes.o
all: hairtunes shairport

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