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SIMBL is the SIMple Bundle Loader.

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SIMBL - SIMBL is the SIMple Bundle Loader

Official homepage:

This is a fork of SIMBL with a few additions / changes:

  • It fixes the "Please update this scripting addition to supply a value for ThreadSafe for each event handler" warning which occurs in console (bug report). This makes it incompatible with 10.5 and older (that is why upstream didn't want to patch it).

  • It searches for SIMBL plugins in all directories, i.e. also /System/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins where it hasn't searched earlier. Technically, earlier, it searched only in NSUserDomainMask | NSLocalDomainMask | NSNetworkDomainMask whereby now, it searches in NSAllDomainsMask.

  • It must be installed now into /System/Library/Services/. Run sudo "/System/Library/Services/SIMBL.bundle/Contents/Resources/SIMBL Agent" -psn for setup.

  • It uses mach_inject_bundle_pid from mach_star (my fork of mach_star).

The changes regarding /System/ are needed to make it working again with recent Chrome versions. See here for details.

Blacklist an application:

defaults write net.culater.SIMBL_Agent SIMBLApplicationIdentifierBlacklist -array
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