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Structural analysis of the aileron of a Boeing 737
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Aileron Structural Simulation

Code for the structure assignment of AE3212-II SVV 2018 (TU Delft) of Group 1. The assignment consists in analyzing the aileron of a Boeing 737 loaded with an actuator and aerodynamic loads.

The code solves the static undetermined problem and computes the distribution of forces, moments and stresses in the structure. Furthermore it is able to calculate the deflection, the slope and the curvature of the aileron.

Overview #It finds the position and the area of the booms #It defines coefficients of the force for different uses, especially in the calculation of the internal forces #It calculates the inertia from teh booms and it rotates it between different coordinate frames, body frame and the general one #INPUT VARIABLES given for the Boeing 737 #Calculates internal forces and moments. It computes deflection, curvature, slope and normal stress of the structure #Generates plot of forces, moments, stresses, displacements, curvatures, slopes (Also in 3D) and it calculates Von Mises stresses #Calculates the reaction forces of the statically indeterminate structure using equation of motion and displacement relations #Calculates the shear flow in the structure, the shear center and the aileron's twist


This folder contains the final report for this project developed by group 1 and the results. The upward and downward rotation of the different validation cases is always 28 deg.

Main source of reference: Megson, T. H. G. (2013). Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students (5th ed.). Oxford: Elsevier Aerospace Engineering Series.


Python 2.7.13

matplotlib 2.1.2

plotly 2.4.1

numpy 1.13.1

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