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Updater for macOS
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Updater for macOS 💻

It is a script for updating macOS and other stuff.



Execute script with some arguments. The arguments are matched with file names located in lib directory.

$ ./ --macos --brew

Parallel 🏎️🏎️🏎️

Use parallel shell tool to update software in a parallel manner.

$ parallel ./ ::: --macos --brew --gem --apm


Tweak parameters (remember about changing PATH and ProgramArguments) in com.albinek.mac.updater_for_macos.plist file, move it to ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ directory and load using launchctl.

$ launchctl load com.albinek.mac.updater_for_macos.plist

Need more updaters?

Just add a new file in lib directory, fill with update commands and invoke this script with new file's name as an argument.

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