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A simple, cross platform, file encryption application
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encrypt - 2015.01 4th Jan 2015


encrypt is a simple, cross platform, file encryption application. It is suitable for any modern desktop or mobile operating system. The GUI, either GTK or native, has been designed to be common across systems and intuitive to use, while still providing command-line capabilities for power-users.

It is currently available as a binary package for several GNU/Linux distributions: Arch, Debian, Fedora, Slackware; as well as Apple’s OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Android. It has also been tested on FreeBSD.

It supports a wide range of algorithms (provided by GNU’s libcrypt or gnu-crypto), of which many are common between the two libraries and thus allow encrypted files to be shared between systems. (Check that your target system does support your intended cipher, as support will vary depending on the library available at runtime!)

To report bugs, or to contact the development team, please visit:


Compiling from source is as simple as running one of the following commands:

make gui
  • depending on what sort of interface you want (OS X, Windows, Android -- you don’t readlly get a choice).


New For Latest Release

  • No header information
    • If you don’t keep the header, you MUST remember which algorithms and mode you used to encrypt the data!
    • This feature is so that if you choose to encrypt your data and then hide it in an image (steganography) if you’re coerced to extract it will still looks like random pixel data
    • Will keep going even if decryption cannot be verified (until an out of memory error - or similar - occurs!)
  • Random IV’s (not derived from key)
  • Build Slackware package for easy installation
  • On Android, display notification of progress
  • Store filename even when encrypting a single file

Fixed For Latest Release

  • Figure out why the Android app doesn’t like Windows encrypted files
    • It wasn’t actually due to Windows, but a subtle bug in the Android code
  • Fix bug caused by no rc file
  • Plugged some memory leaks
  • Better support for en/decrypting from/to a directory



  • Find a way to merge file/magic info into main magic.mgc file
  • File context menu for
    • Thunar (consider plugin)
    • Nautilus (or Files or whatever it’s called now)
    • Konqueror or Dolphin (maybe - it’s Qt based not GTK)


  • Fix SIGSEGV if the source file is deleted (even while doing nothing) (GTK file selection dialog - GNU/Linux)
  • On Windows 8: AES is unavailable as there is a bug in libgcrypt. As and when this issue is fixed upstream, we’ll provide a fix too. This does not affect Windows 7.
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