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This directory is placed placed directly in .emacs.d, as it now uses emacs-starter-kit 2.0.

I am also bundling eudcb-notmuch.el, since its original repo went down.

File/directory structure

The structure is currently something like this:

  • mail.el: mail-related hacks mostly (now based on notmuch).
  • sync-com.el: stuff for IRC/Jabber (now based on jabber-el and ii-mode).

- =secrets.el=: wrapper code to load the actual, encrypted password variables using EasyPG (not used anymore).

  • .conkeror.rc: not directly emacs-related. It’s my (very hacky – javascript isn’t my thing) configuration file for Conkeror. However, it’s so integrated in my Emacs workflow, I felt it deserved inclusion.
  • init.el: everything else.

Libraries bundled for convenience

  • eudc-notmuch.el: notmuch bindings for, uh, address completion, included because the original repository went down.
  • org-notmuch.el: included because I found it in a mail at the notmuch mailing list: it wasn’t hosted on-line anywhere I (or, say el-get) could find it.
  • smart-quotes.el: a small function to handle guillemets (»french quotes«) automatically. Actually written by a friend.


  • [X] GPG signature verification for notmuch. I know somebody’s working on it, it’s just not in mainline notmuch yet. Yay, it’s implemented! :)
  • [ ] org-address interaction for notmuch