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What is?

mail-web-page is a small program to screen-scrape a given URL and email it to a pre-defined address. It is configured in plain python, thus allowing advanced hacks.


Beautiful Soup


On invocation the program will look for the ~/ file, which should look something like this:

import smtplib

def filter_google(url, soup):
  return soup

prefilter = [("http://(www.)?*", filter_google),
           ("http://.*", lambda url, soup: soup)]

postfilter = []

mail_from = "mail-web-page@localhost"
mail_to = "albin@localhost"

def send_mail(mfr, mto, msg):
    s = smtplib.SMTP('localhost')
    s.sendmail(mfr, mto, msg.as_string())

The tuples in pre/postfilter will be matched from top to bottom; when the regular expression matches the url, the fetched beautiful soup object will be passed to the specified function. If no matching is needed, supply an empty list.

Prefilters will be applied directly after the content has been fetched. Postfilters will be applied after mail-web-page’s internal mangling, just before the email HTML code is generated.

The variables »mail_from« and »mail_to« supplies information of who should recieve the mail, and the function »send_mail« defines how they should be sent. Here it uses localhost’s SMTP server, but it could as well deliver them directly to a Maildir if needed.

The URL to fetch and mail is supplied via the command line, as the first argument.

Useful hints

If you set up arrix’ node.js implementation of Arc 90’s Readability, you can use it to filter away unnecessary input in web pages. Please see readability.js (and its shell wrapper, as well as the actual configuration in for examples.