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notmuch-notifier is a gnome-based tray application similar to most gmail notifiers. I wrote it out of personal need, when I was about to switch from my old xmobar-based notification system for email to a Gnome-panel based one. It reads at least one query from a configuration file and displays results in the mouse-over tooltip, both hit count and (if any) matching subjects.

Please note that notmuch-notifer doesn’t use the Python notmuch bindings, since they just segfaulted all the time in combination with my poller thread. Suggestions are welcome, of course.

Usage and features

Edit ~/.config/notmuch-notifier/queries to add one query per line, separated by newlines (something like »tag:personal and tag:inbox« is what I use), and run notmuch-notifier. The queries goes directly to »notmuch search«, so be careful.


  • PyGTK, basically (and the standard Python library)
  • a correctly set up notmuch binary (it may be an SSH wrapper script if you want – I think)

License and copying

  • Licenced under GPLv3 or later.

Known issues and planned features

  • notmuch-notifier seems to crash with a memory error on extremely large queries.
  • there is no GUI-based way to configure notmuch-notifier yet – it’s planned, though.
  • there is currently no handling of errors from notmuch in the poller thread, meaning bad things will happen if you write bad queries.
  • some kind of link back to notmuch/emacs would be nice, and probably doable through emacsclient.