A fork of Takafumi Araraki's fork of Charles Cave's Python library for parsing org-mode files
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»Orgnode - reading org-mode in Python« was originally developed by Charles Cave. This is a fork by Takafumi Arakaki, with some minor fixes by Albin Stjerna.

How to use

Just set the Orgnode.py where your python can import this module.

Some samples (directly from Cave’s version):

import Orgnode, datetime

today = datetime.date.today()
print "Daily plan for", today
print "-------------------------\n"

filename = "c:/charles/GTD/newgtd.org"
nodelist = Orgnode.makelist(filename)

for n in nodelist:
    if n.Scheduled() == today:
         print "[ ] %s (%s)" % (n.Heading(), n.Tag() )


Orgnode uses nose for unit tests, thanks to Arakaki. To run them, just execute nosetests in the Orgnode directory. You do need to symlink in orgnode.py into the tests directory for it to work, though.

Differences to Arakaki’s and Cave’s versions

So far, the only thing I’ve really done is adding a few test cases and fixing a bug in one of the regular expressions that would produce incorrect results when a TODO keyword appeared inside a paragraph. I do, however, intend to use orgnode, and improve on it when I find bugs.

As far as I can tell, Arakaki’s verison is a significant improvement over Cave’s, fixing proper unicode handling among other things.