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Fix very embarrassing misspelling of Arakaki's name. Apparently, I ca…

…n't read today. Add a heading about testing Orgnode.
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1 parent f7b56fa commit 7b2842d31acf6a11f7a037ac6ce25c32d07058d6 Albin Stjerna committed Dec 8, 2012
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@@ -21,12 +21,16 @@ for n in nodelist:
print "[ ] %s (%s)" % (n.Heading(), n.Tag() )
-* Differences to Araraki's and Cave's versions
+* Tests
+Orgnode uses [[][nose]] for unit tests, thanks to Arakaki. To run them, just
+execute =nosetests= in the Orgnode directory. You do need to symlink
+in into the tests directory for it to work, though.
+* Differences to Arakaki's and Cave's versions
So far, the only thing I've really done is adding a few test cases and
fixing a bug in one of the regular expressions that would produce
incorrect results when a TODO keyword appeared inside a paragraph. I
do, however, intend to use orgnode, and improve on it when I find
-As far as I can tell, Araraki's verison is a significant improvement
+As far as I can tell, Arakaki's verison is a significant improvement
over Cave's, fixing proper unicode handling among other things.

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