Overview of the source code for Albin apps
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Overview of the source code for Albin apps.

Credit to original developers

We would like to thank the original developers of the repositories we have forked.

albin-server is a fork of Mastodon made by Gargron, ykzts, akihikodaki and 514 other contributors who have made a fantastic job with Mastodon.

social-Android is a fork of Tusky App made by Connyduck, Vavassor and 60 other contributors. We love this app.

cc-server is a fork of Pixelfed made by dansup, hellcp and 36 other contributors. Looking good, very good.

The reason we're forking is to make small adjustments and to create a consistent branding. This as a part of building a small business providing social apps.


For licensing information, see the attached LICENSE file in each repository. No license is granted to Albin Apps trademarks and logos, see AlbinAppsTrademarks.md in this repository.

Contributing to the code

Perhaps you want to improve any of the apps? Fix a bug or develop a whole new feature? We would love that.

How to contribute

Chat with us first. Any improvement is generally welcome, however it’s not guaranteed that contributions will be used in the project.


If you wish to contribute code or other material, you have to sign our contributor agreement (pdf) first. As you probably know, this is a common way for companies to work together with the open source community.


By signing the agreement, you retain your copyrights while also granting those rights to Albin Apps. It’s a way for you to both keep and share your rights.

You have the freedom to use your contributions for any purpose you wish, but you cannot revoke the rights granted to us.

This is fair to you, the open source project and Albin Apps.

More info

For more general information on these type of agreements, you can read the Oracle FAQ (pdf file), as our agreement is based on theirs.

How to sign

The ACA must be physically signed, using a pen on paper. This is old school, but still cool. Once it’s signed it needs to be scanned as a pfd and emailed to us, alternatively sent in a letter. You get the address when you chat with us about what you want to do.

You only need to sign once, and the agreement is valid for all your contributions to any of our projects.