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Alca259 ====

Mods de Alca para Minecraft



  • All machines are retextured
  • Added new machine with silk touch
  • Added speed depend of machine
  • Added wiki with info and recipes
  • Changed recipes
  • Changed saved position in the game, now is saved in NBT with Entity.
  • Optimized performance


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.6.2


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1


  • Rollback with textures, work improperly.


  • Feature: Added config files for resolve id and translate.
  • Feature: Now, when is powered, show another texture.
  • Updated: Texture updated.


  • Bug: Can break any block. (Solved)
  • Bug: When break blocks with metadata, don't save the metadata in the item droped. (Solved)


  • WIP Release


    Sencillamente, es un bloque que puede romper los bloques que se encuentren a los lados, según la posición en la que se haya colocado previamente. No me gusta instalar mods que me modifican toda la estructura del juego. Vanilla.

    Por eso voy a ir actualizandolo cuando Mojang actualice Minecraft, y si yo no puedo, al menos, he publicado el código.

    El código es 100% GPL, podéis usarlo para lo que se os ocurra.

    Version: 1.0.6

    Podéis descargarlo desde aquí - Si encontráis algún bug y lo reportáis aquí, o en github, os lo agradecería.


    Para instalarlo, solo tenéis que dejar el zip en la carpeta mods de vuestro Minecraft. Es necesario instalar Minecraft Forge.


    It is simply a block that can break the blocks that are at the sides, according to the position that has been previously placed. I do not like installing mods I change the whole structure of the game. Vanilla.

    So when I go Mojang Update Minecraft updating it, and if I can not, at least, I posted the code.

    The code is 100% GPL, you can use it for whatever you can think of.

    Version: 1.0.6

    For download, you can go to here - Any help to solve bugs, it's welcome.


    For install, drop the zip in mods folder. Forge is required.

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