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.gitignore API clients is a real-time web collaborative code editor. Our service is currently in beta ( but any invited user could use our HTTP API to create new "cocoding sessions" populated with local data.

This is our first step on the road to a better integration between and your development environment.

If you want to try it out, you can request an invite visiting the link below:

For further info, feel free to contact us on:

If you are one of our beta heroes and you'd like to integrate your favourite IDE or code editor, please fork this project, develop your own plugin and send us a pull request :-D


Currently there's only one possible API call for creating new sessions.


At this time only beta users could use this API and user credentials are needed using HTTP Basic Authentication method. E.g.:

$ curl -u "username:PASSWORD" ... OTHER_ARGS

Create a new session

POST /api/session


Description : Optional string - Cocode Session/Github Gist Description

Files : Required array - Cocode Session/Github Gist Files, an array of hash with content:

Filename : Required string - File name

Content : Required string - File contents

  "Description": "My Example Session",
  "Files": [{
    "Filename": "example.js",
    "Content": "alert("Hello World!!!");"



HTTP Status Code : 200

HTTP Body : new session url (e.g. "")

Invalid Request

HTTP Status Code : 400 (Bad Request)

HTTP Body : error message (e.g. "Invalid Request")

Returned in case of invalid data sent in the request.


HTTP Status Code : 401 (Unauthorized)

HTTP Body : error message (e.g. "Unhauthorized")

Returned in case of invalid or missing beta user authentication.

Emacs: cocodeio.el

We use emacs as our development environment and we've already written some simple emacs integrations.


Copy cocodeio.el into your emacs load path and add to your dotemacs something like:

;;;;;;; COCODEIO
(require 'cocodeio)

;; add a "cocodeio session from buffer" shortcut `C-c c b'
(global-set-key [(control ?c) (?c) (?b)]

;; add a "cocodeio session from region" shortcut `C-c c r'
(global-set-key [(control ?c) (?c) (?r)]

cocodeio.el depends on json.el (tested using v. 1.2) and should work correctly using the version bundled into emacs-23


You needs to configure and save your credentials using customize-group:

(customize-group cocodeio)