Chrono is a simple Gaia OpenWebApp coded as example in "Hack on FirefoxOS" talk during local LinuxDay2012 event.
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Gaia Chrono App

Chrono is a simple Gaia OpenWebApp coded as example in "Hack on FirefoxOs" talk during local LinuxDay2012 event.

Chrono uses volo as devtool to speed up development and generate appcache manifest, Gaia UI Building Blocks to style the app as a FirefoxOS native application and RequireJS to split javascript code into modules and build a single production file.

Volo Usage

This web project has the following setup:

  • www/ - the web assets for the project
    • index.html - the entry point into the app.
    • js/
      • app.js - the top-level config script used by index.html
      • app/ - the directory to store project-specific scripts.
      • lib/ - the directory to hold third party scripts.
  • tools/ - the build tools to optimize the project.

To optimize, run:

volo build

This will run the "build" command in the volofile that is in this directory.

That build command creates an optimized version of the project in a www-built directory. The js/app.js file will be optimized to include all of its dependencies.

For more information on the optimizer:

For more information on using requirejs: