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Use org-mode with Qutebrowser
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Qutebrowser userscript for filing the current webpage into an org-mode file


  • Insert plain entries with page title and url under an arbitrary heading
  • Select an existing entry using dmenu and jump to that page
  • Basic regexp filtering – Display only those entries which contain a URL
  • Collect any selected text and the date visited


  • The current version is feature complete, although the design could certainly be improved
  • Todo lists or other org features are a possibility if people are interested in them


  • A complete interface to org-mode in Qutebrowser – My only use for this script is to unify bookmarks and my org lists.
  • A complete parser for bookmarkish data – Org is extremely free form, this is a great strength, but it means that some imposed structure must be accepted from non-interactive tools. Trying to accommodate every possible format a user might desire is impossible.


  1. Place this script in the ~/.local/share/qutebrowser/userscripts folder.
  2. Edit the source to point variables ORG_FILE and HEADING_PATH to the right places
    • The default file+heading is ~/ Later
  3. Add a binding to your Qutebrowser, e.g. I use config.bind(',b', 'spawn --userscript qute-capture read')


  • To create a new entry: qute-capture write
  • To jump to an entry: qute-capture read
  • To delete an entry: qute-capture rm
  • See the source for other settings


  • PyOrgMode – I recommend getting it from github, rather than pip
  • Dmenu
  • I hope Qutebrowser goes without saying


  • Qutebrowser, for being just about the only usable modern browser
  • qute-pass, from which I shamelessly copied chunks of code
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