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benchmarking for civ5 replays
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civ 5 replay parser (for brave new world)


Made this for personal use -- not focused on creating pretty HTML map animations because that is now in-game.

Goal is to export the Notification Log so it can be parsed and then used to easily benchmark games.

Feel free to play with this and expand it to your liking.


Over at civfanatics' forum, dannythefool's original and associated forum thread was helpful in reverse-engineering how the new BNW file format works. There have been some changes from Vanilla, but some other things have stayed the same, and having a guidepost of how things once used, and code to parse them back then, was an immense help.


There are two python scripts:

  •, which parses a replay file
  •, which takes the output from and converts it into handy tab separated benchmarks, suitable for opening in excel (to track progress across multiple games)

There is also a bash shell script:

  • build, which runs on a replay file and then on a replay file. You may need to chmod +x this to run it. I use Mac OS X or cygwin, so there's no DOS batch file. Feel free to submit a pull request with one, though!


Copy the Civ5Replay file from /My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/Replays into the folder for this replay parse.

Then run build on the replay, ignoring the file extension. You'll need to put quotes around the name if it has spaces. Or just rename it something shorter and less annoying. For example:

./build "Casimir III_0238 AD-1936_39"

Or, after a rename:

./build game-3


You can find the raw text of the parse in .txt and the tab separated benchmarks in .tsv. My convention in the benchmarks is I use a negative turn number for wonders the AI gets.

Known Bugs and Limitations

  • Successfully parses the map, but doesn't do anything with them.


  • Perhaps generate a "summary log" that's suitable for pasting on forums (using BBCode?) to summarize a game? Could be handy for succession games or after action reports. (This would go turn by turn)
  • Fix the bug with histogram data where the save file shows max_turn instead of a -1. Just make it show -1 where it's max_turn.
  • Ignore city-states in wars of aggression/defensive wars. Easily done -- just make it so if the civ idea is greater than the number of non-city-state civs, ignore and go to the next match.
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