Creating Images using a blend of Python and Maths
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Stylo is in early development, while it is useable we cannot make any stability guarantees.

Stylo is a Python library that allows you to create images and animations powered by your imagination and a little mathematics. While mathematics is very much at the core you do not have to be a mathematician to use it!

For example here is a simple image of a boat that can be made with just a few lines of Python

A Boat

  from stylo.image import LayeredImage
  from stylo.color import FillColor
  from stylo.shape import Circle, Rectangle, Triangle
  from stylo.domain.transform import translate

  # Let's define some colours
  black = FillColor("000000")
  seablue = FillColor("0000ff")
  white = FillColor("ffffff")
  yellow = FillColor("ffff00")
  red = FillColor("dd2300")

  # Now for the shapes we will draw
  sun = Circle(-7, 3.4, 1.5)
  sea = Circle(0, -55, 55)
  sails = Triangle((0.1, 0.6), (2.5, 0.6), (0.1, 3.5)) | Triangle((-0.1, 0.6), (-1.5, 0.6), (-0.1, 3.5))
  boat = Rectangle(0, 0, 3.5, 1) | Triangle((1.75, -0.5), (1.75, 0.5), (2.25, 0.5))
  mast = Rectangle(0, 2, 0.125, 3)

  # Move some into position
  boat = boat >> translate(0, -2)
  sails = sails >> translate(0, -2)
  mast = mast >> translate(0, -2)

  # Finally let's bring it all together
  image = LayeredImage(background="99ddee", scale=8)

  image.add_layer(sun, yellow)
  image.add_layer(sea, seablue)
  image.add_layer(boat, red)
  image.add_layer(mast, black)
  image.add_layer(sails, white)

  image(1920, 1080, filename="docs/_static/examples/a-boat.png");


Stylo is available for Python 3.5+ and can be installed using Pip:

$ pip install stylo

Be sure to check out the documentation (under construction) for details on how to get started with stylo.


Contributions are welcome! Be sure to checkout the Contributing section of the documentation to get started.

Note: While stylo itself supports Python 3.5+, due to some of the development tools we use you need to have Python 3.6+ in order to contribute code to the library. Other versions of Python work just as well if you are looking to contribute documentation.