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Stylo Doodles

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This repository is the backend implementaion of the Stylo Doodles example gallery and community website for stylo the Python package for creating images and animations with a little bit of mathematics.

Running the Examples

If you want to play with any of the example images yourself you need the following python packages installed

  • stylo
  • jupyter

These can be installed using pip

$ pip install jupyter stylo

With those packages installed run the following command from the notebooks/ folder

$ jupyter notebook

This will open a page in your browser allowing to choose a notebook and start interacting with it.

Don't want to install anything? Just click on this link to try the examples live in your browser! (It will take a few minutes to load)


Contributions are welcome! Whether that is contributing an image to the gallery or working on the code that generates the website itself.

Contribute an Image

Have you made something with stylo you'd like to share? Here is how you get your image included in the gallery!

You need to to write the code for your image in a Jupyter Notebook. Then so that your notebook can integrate with the website's build system you also need to do the following.

  1. Your image must be stored in a variable called image
  2. You also need to define a dictionary called info in the very first cell of the notebook.

This dictionary needs to contain the following information

info = {
 "title": "Your Image Title",
 "author": "Your Name",
 "github_username": "your_github_username",
 "stylo_version": "0.6.0",
 "dimensions": (1920, 1080)
  • stylo_version: Should be set to the value of stylo.__version__ when you created your image.
  • dimensions: Should be set to the tuple (width, height). These dimensions will be used when the full size version of your image is generated by the build.

You can use the existing notebooks as a guide. Be sure to drop by the stylo gitter chat room if you get stuck we'll be happy to help!

Contribute to the Site Generator

Currently the website is built using a custom Pyton script with some Jinja templating thrown in. Take a look in site_builder.py for an overview of the process. The resulting website is rather basic so there are certainly plenty of features that could be added!