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Contribution Guidelines

Some helpful tips for making Alcatraz more awesome


  • Open an issue if there is a change you'd like to make but hasn't been discussed, so we can all participate and no efforts are duplicated or wasted
  • Use feature branches, one for each major change to the codebase
  • Rebase your feature branch on latest master when opening a Pull Request, to minimise conflicts

Coding Style

  • BSD brackets (on the same line as the method signature)
  • Avoid adding comments in the code detailing the changes, use Github issues instead
  • Shoot for 1 expectation per 1 unit test

UI Changes

  • Alcatraz uses autolayout; position UI elements using constraints and avoid ambiguities that lead to many system-defined constraints
  • Always rebase on latest master before making changes to the xib; this reduces the amount of conflicts within the file


Output for development and crash reports can be obtained via running tail -f /var/log/system.log, and is a helpful addition to issue submissions.

Check out this post by @kattrali on how to debug Xcode plugins like a boss.

Typo fixes

That one in is not a typo. Please don't open pull-requests for that. More info here


You have successfully read to the end of the contribution guidelines! The password is "A gentlemen is, rather than does." Next time you are in San Francisco, repeat the password to the maintainers for your prize.