A minecraft mod that adds realistic, configurable ore veins
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This is a Minecraft mod to add realistically shaped veins of ore to your world. Useful for custom maps, mod packs, or just a different survival experience. Everything is fully configurable via json, meaning you can have ore veins of whatever type of shape or size you want.

For example images of various types and configurations of veins see the curseforge images here.


Ore Veins will look for all files under config/oreveins/. When you first add ore veins, it will create a default file with some example configuration. Feel free to use or modify this. It is also found here on github at src/main/resources/assets/ore_veins.json.

Each json file in config/oreveins/ should consist of a set of objects, each one being a different type of vein. These represent a single ore type or configuration that will be generated in the world. Each entry must contain the following values:

  • type is the registry name of the Vein Type that this entry will spawn. Based on what vein this is, there might be other required or optional values as well.
  • stone is a Block Entry. This represents the block states that the ore can spawn in.
  • ore is a Block Entry, with optional weights. This represents the possible states that the vein will spawn. This does support weighted entries.

Each entry can also contain any or all of the following values. If they don't exist, they will assume a default value. These apply to all vein types:

  • count (Default: 1) Generate at most N veins per chunk. Rarity is applied to each attempt to generate a vein.
  • rarity (Default: 10) 1 / N chunks will spawn this ore vein.
  • min_y (Default: 16) Minimum y value for veins to generate at.
  • max_y (Default: 64) Maximum y value for veins to generate at.
  • density (Default: 50) Density of the ore vein. Higher values are more dense. (FYI: This number is not a percentage. For 100% density use values >1000)
  • vertical_size (Default: 15) Vertical radius. This is not an absolute number in blocks, but is close to. Experimentation is required.
  • horizontal_size (Default: 8) Horizontal radius. This is not an absolute number in blocks, but is close to. Experimentation is required.
  • biomes (Default: all) Whitelist of biome names or biome tags for a biome to spawn in. Must be a list of strings. For info on possible tags see the Forge Biome Dictionary.
  • biomes_is_whitelist (Default: true) When false, the biome list becomes a blacklist
  • dimensions (Default: 0) Whitelist of dimension ids that the ore can spawn in. Must be a list of integers.
  • dimensions_is_whitelist (Default: true) When false, the dimension list becomes a blacklist
  • indicator (Default: empty) This is an Indicator which will spawn on the surface underneath where the vein is found.


Veins represent different types of shapes or structures that can be spawned. Each entry must define a vein type.

Spheres: ("type": "sphere") This represents a single sphere (or spheroid, if vertical and horizontal size values are different). This vein type has no additional parameters.

Clusters ("type": "cluster") This vein represents a scattered group of spheroids. This vein type has an optional parameter:

  • clusters (Default: 3) This represents the average number of other clusters that will spawn as part of this vein.

Vertical Pipe ("type": "pipe") This vein represents a single vertical column / cylinder. This vein type has no additional parameters.

Cone ("type": "cone") This vein represents a vertical cone. The pointy end of the cone can point upwards or downwards. This vein type has two optional parameters:

  • inverted (Default: false) If true, the cone will have a pointy end facing down. If false, the pointy end will face up
  • shape (Default: 0.5) This value determines how pointy the cone will be. It should be between 0.0 and 1.0. Higher values mean less pointy (more cylindrical). Smaller values are more pointy

Curve ("type": "curve") This vein represents a curve (created with a cubic Bezier curve.) It has two optional parameters:

  • radius (Default: 5) This is the approximate radius of the curve in blocks.
  • angle (Default: 45) This is the maximum angle for vertical vein rotation, in a range from 0 to 90. Zero be completely horizontal, and 90 will have the full range of vertical directions to curve in.


Indicators are configurable objects that will spawn on the surface when a vein is detected underneath them. An indicator must contain the following entries:

  • blocks is a Block Entry. This represents the possible states that the indicator will spawn. This does not support weighted entries.

Indicators can also contain the following optional entries

  • rarity (Default: 10) 1 / N blocks will generate an indicator, provided there is a valid ore block directly underneath.
  • max_depth (Default: 32) This is the maximum depth for an ore block to generate which would attempt to spawn an indicator.
  • ignore_vegetation (Default: true) If the vein should ignore vegetation when trying to spawn indicators. (i.e. should the indicators spawn underneath trees, leaves or huge mushrooms?)
  • ignore_liquids (Default: false) If the vein should ignore liquids when trying to spawn indicators. (i.e. should the indicator spawn inside lakes or the ocean?)
  • blocks_under (Default: accepts all blocks) This is a Block Entry. The list of blocks that this indicator is allowed to spawn on.

An example indicator that spawns roses when ore blocks are less than twenty blocks under the surface would be added to the ore entry as such:

  "example_entry": {
    "type": "cluster",
    "stone": "minecraft:stone",
    "ore": "minecraft:iron_ore",
    "indicator": {
      "blocks": "minecraft:red_flower",
      "max_depth": 20

Block Entries

A Block Entry can be any of the following:

  1. A single string representing a block's registry name: "ore": "minecraft:iron_ore"
  2. A single object representing a block with metadata: "ore": { "block": "minecraft:wool", "meta": 3 }
  3. A list of objects (as above). Note that these can be weighed (when used in ore) but are not necessary. If weight is not found for a particular object, it will default to 1.
  "ore": [
      "block": "minecraft:wool",
      "weight": 4,
      "meta": 3
      "block": "minecraft:coal_ore",
      "weight": 39
      "block": "minecraft:diamond_ore"