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Verified message-passing programs in Dotty
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Effpi: verified message-passing programs in Dotty

Effpi is an experimental toolkit for strongly-typed concurrent and distributed programming in Dotty (a.k.a. the future Scala 3 programming language), with verification capabilities based on type-level model checking.

The home page of Effpi is:


Effpi is developed by:

  • Alceste Scalas — Aston University, Birmingham, UK (a (dot) scalas (at) aston (dot) ac (dot) uk)
  • Elias Benussi — Faculty Science Ltd. (elias (at) faculty (dot) ai)

The theory behind Effpi is developed in collaboration with:

  • Nobuko Yoshida — Imperial College London, UK (n.yoshida (at) imperial (dot) ac (dot) uk)
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