Transmission-bt RPC GUI client for iOS
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Transmission-bt RPC GUI client for iOS

Rich RPC client for transmission-bt servers. As you know, these days almost every modern WiFi home router has a build-in torrent server and it is a transmission-bt. Transmission-bt is great, it's open-sourced and it has a huge fan community. Though android community has a lot of client implementations, sadly the iOS-one is lack of that and I think this is a big misfortune. AppStore had some clients with a very poor functionality but even those clients were removed (after I tried to submit this app and had a not very pleasant argue with appstore team about this app). My intention was to create a decent client that I would use every day by myself. Finally after all of the discussions appstore team rejected the app. So I share it for all, download/build & compile, use and enjoy, the project is already updated for XCode 9.0 !

TransShift can/is:

  • support iOS 8.0 and above (actually it's 7.0 ready, but XCode 9 supports only 8.0 min)
  • implement almost 100% of RPC functionality and even more.
  • universal app
  • minified size, doesn't use any third party libraries, very fast on any device
  • read original torrent files and shows the full content tree of .torrent file
  • view a folder tree of downloaded .torrent file so you can start download only those files you needed
  • allow separate downloading of files/folders with diffrent priorites on each of the files
  • allow you to rename any file/folder
  • set download/upload priorities (ratio limit, upload limit etc.)
  • works great on iPad and iPhone in any orientations
  • track background status of downloading torrents, so it will notify you when your downloads are finished
  • show full peer list with statuses
  • allow peer IP tracking (geolocation of a peer)
  • allow anonymous browsing of downloaded torrents (very important in countries where some tracker-sites are blocked)
  • show full downloading bitmap of a torrent
  • show and edit full tracker list of a torrent
  • full integration with Safari
  • allow downloading via .torrent files and magnet URIs
  • allow manual addition of torrent via URI or magnet URI
  • allow to view/copy magnet URIs of downloaded torrents even those who was downloaded via .torrent file
  • show full progress of downloaded torrents
  • full configration of transmission-bt server
  • configure global priorities and speed limits
  • set traffic limit scheduler
  • show available server storage size
  • maintain a list of remote servers
  • the app is localized in English and Russian, additional langs also can be added
  • and many more ...

iPhone screenshots:

iPad screenshots: