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Inventory and Accounts software for chemists as per Indian Taxation Standards
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Alchem Desktop

An all-in-one inventory and accounts solution for Chemist shops (both wholesale and retail) as per new Indian taxation standards.

Why it is needed?

All the existing solutions don't have a good UI and UX, even getting used to those softwares take more than a month. Also, customer support is not at par.
This software being OpenSource aims to become more than just a software. It aims to become a community.

How to build?

Project is typically made in Jetbrains Intellij IDEA, but can be migrated to any other IDE.

Setup PostgreSQL for Alchem

  • Download PostgreSQL 9.5 or later.
  • Set password as 123456
  • Open pgAdmin application
  • Double click on PostgreSQL 9.5 (localhost:5432) and type your set password.
  • Create new database
  • Restore the provided database.

Launch the application for IDE.

NOTE: Though project can be built and modified using other IDE, but same project structure has to be maintained while committed changes or raising pull requests.

Regarding any issues, contact:

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