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#PHP Swftools

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PHP Swftools is a tiny lib which help you to use SWFTools

SWFTools are GPL licensed and are described as "a collection of utilities for working with Adobe Flash files"

Documentation available at


It is recommended to install PHP-Swftools through Composer :

    "require": {
        "swftools/swftools": "~0.1.0"

##Dependencies :

In order to use PHP SwfTools, you need to install SWFTools. Depending of your configuration, please follow the instructions at

##Main API usage :

$file = new SwfTools\FlashFile(SwfTools\Binary\DriverContainer::create());

// Render the animation to a PNG file
$file->render('Animation.swf', 'renderedAnimation.png');

// List all embedded object found in the animation.
// Available object types are : Shapes, Fonts, PNGs, JPEGs, Frames, MovieClip
foreach($File->listEmbeddedObjects('Animation.swf') as $embeddedObject) {
    echo sprintf("found an object type %s with id %d\n", $embeddedObject->getType(), $embeddedObject->getId());

// Extract embedded Object #1
$file->extractEmbedded(1, 'Animation.swf', 'Object1.png');

// Extract the first embedded image found
$file->extractFirstImage('Animation.swf', 'renderedAnimation.jpg');

##Setting timeout

PHPSwfTools uses underlying processes to execute commands. You can set a timeout to prevent these processes to run more than a defined duration.

To disable timeout, set it to 0 (default value).

$file = new SwfTools\FlashFile(SwfTools\Binary\DriverContainer::create(
    'timeout' => 0,

##Using various binaries versions

PHPSwfTools uses swfextract an swfrender provided by SWFTools. If you want to specify the path to the binary you wnat to use, you can add configuration :

$file = new SwfTools\FlashFile(SwfTools\Binary\DriverContainer::create(
    'pdf2swf.binaries'    => '/opt/local/swftools/bin/pdf2swf',
    'swfrender.binaries'  => '/opt/local/swftools/bin/swfrender',
    'swfextract.binaries' => '/opt/local/swftools/bin/swfextract',

Silex Service Provider

PHP-Swtools provides a Silex service provider. Every option is optional, use them depending of your configuration. By default, PHP-Swftools will try to find the executable in the environment PATH and timeout is set to 0 (no timeout).

$app = new Silex\Application();
$app->register(new SwfTools\SwfToolsServiceProvider(), array(
    'swftools.configuration' => array(
        'pdf2swf.binaries'    => '/opt/local/swftools/bin/pdf2swf',
        'swfrender.binaries'  => '/opt/local/swftools/bin/swfrender',
        'swfextract.binaries' => '/opt/local/swftools/bin/swfextract',
        'timeout'    => 300,
    'swftools.logger' => $app->share(function (Application $app) {
        return $app['monolog'];

$app['swftools.flash-file']->render('file.swf', 'output.jpg');


PHPSwftools are released under MIT License

See LICENSE file for more information